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Labrix- NeuroAdrenal Panel

Labrix- NeuroAdrenal Panel

  • $ 25800

Neurotransmitter imbalances can be easily identified with a single noninvasive urine sample. Testing provides a tool to understand each patient’s specific neuroendocrine imbalances, which can be corrected with targeted nutritional therapy, BHRT, diet, and lifestyle interventions. Because it is especially important to understand the interrelationships of the neurotransmitters as well as their relationships with adrenal and sex hormones, an optimal approach measures each of the six neurotransmitter levels identified here in addition to a full hormone panel.

Labrix Clinical Services is now proud to offer neurotransmitter testing. View available neurotransmitter and hormone combination panels here!

6 Neurotransmitters*, DHEA, 4 Cortisols

This panel provides a comprehensive view of HPA axis function. Included is a full diurnal cortisol pattern, DHEA, and 6 primary neurotransmitters (inhibitory and excitatory). Symptoms that would indicate ordering this panel include those shown for the Adrenal Function panel plus:

  • Mood disorders, depression, anxiety
  • Addiction, dependency
  • Chronic illness, immune deficiency
  • Low libido, sexual dysfunction

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