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Modus Protein Powder Tub

  • $ 7000

MODUS PROTEIN is a premium plant-based protein with a nutritional composition superior to whey. Designed for athletes and developed with extensive knowledge of protein science, MODUS is formulated with high-quality plant sources and contains a proprietary blend of amino acids with up to 99% absorption. Including 7 grams of branch chain amino acids, vital for muscle synthesis and repair.

MODUS PROTEIN features ingredients to help support 4 key factors:

BCAAs: Assists with muscle repair and growth following exercise*1

• ARGININE: Provides optimal muscle function and stamina*2

• TYROSINE: Supports faster muscle twitch response*3

• PROLINE, GLYCINE & LYSINE: Helps support joint and connective tissue post-exercise*4-8


  • Pumpkin seed protein, chocolate bean powder processed with alkali, potato protein isolate, natural flavors, guar gum powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, organic anti-foaming agent, cranberry protein, silicon dioxide.


*** Available in Chocolate Flavor ONLY! ***