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The Diet Cure Book by Julia Ross

The Diet Cure Book by Julia Ross

  • $ 1498

Rebalance Your Body Chemistry and End Food Cravings, Weight Gain, and Starvation Dieting

THE DIET CURE has been a publishing sensation since 2000 when Amazon placed it on its Tremendous Ten list of health and diet books. It’s now 40% better. Celebrated author and clinician, Ross, an expert in eating disorders and addiction, has updated 40% of its content with new discoveries from her innovative in California clinic.

You need the new DIET CURE because it gives you, not theories, but clinically proven answers to your diet dilemmas:

1. How dieting actually causes unneeded weight gain.

2. The real reason you can’t stay away from cookies, ice cream, pasta, soda, and candy.

3. How to attack your urges where they start, in your brain.

4. How to turn off those urges with amazing amino acids in 24 hours!

5. The truth about the thyroid’s role in weight gain and fatigue. How to successfully test and treat it (and get a doctor to cooperate!)

6. How to rescue your exhausted adrenals to stop the stress and the stress-eating.

7. How your food choices are skewed by food intolerances and blood-sugar swings, and what to do about both.

8. Untangling the hype about Fats, Grains, Carbs, Meats, and Calories.

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